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Updated: Sep 7, 2021

As months proceed with this very uncertain future, education has been particularly impacted. Per recent documents more than 4 million children have left their studies this year in Guatemala, this is due to in-person classes still being suspended by the government and the only thing that is possible in the majority of the schools is the paper copies of the lessons given to the students for them to do from home. Taking into consideration that the majority of the parents do not have the capacity to help their children due to a lack of their own proper education and their other worries such as finding food for the family and the necessities of the home, the loss of education our children suffer is a factor that as a society we will have to face and surfer later on. Still there are some schools that have implemented classes online, which is a privilege for students of higher means and less for students with lesser means. Even though we are not accustomed here to a system like this, many of us have taken the challenge and try to adapt to education online.

In the case of our school it has been extremely challenging, since this has required that every staff member have their own equipment, increase their knowledge of technology and have access to internet services. Some of our parents have collaborated by purchasing internet service for their children. Most of our students receive classes on their phones, others have been loaned the school equipment so they can study from home and others we have placed in an open garden and more recently in a community location, even though the conditions are not ideal we have all had to adapt, with the goal that the education of our children NOT BE HELD BACK! Even though our students are in small numbers we are adding like decimals in Guatemala, our small grain of sand, which fills us with satisfaction as a school.

If you want to help us to continue our mission you can pray so that God continues supporting and perfecting our work. If you would like to help us you can also do it financially. May God bless you!


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