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Our kids


Children in Guatemala face steep educational odds. Only about half will finish the Guatemalan equivalent of U.S. high school. Education can be a path out of extreme poverty, but many never get the chance to pursue it. They must drop out and get low-paying jobs if families cannot afford tuition. 

Help us change that narrative today by sponsoring a child's tuition. 

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Santiago Hernández

Santiago is very outgoing and cheerful, and he likes to make his classmates laugh.
He loves art, drawing, telling stories, and sharing his snacks.

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Andonias Zapeta

Andonias is a great student and strives to make the most of each lesson. Born a salesman, he is always looking for ways to support his family.

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Josué Pérez

Josué is very talented, loves to study, and seeks to improve himself every day.
He is very respectful and is always smiling and kind. 

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Sara Ixtuc

Sara is very kind and respectful. She has a can-do attitude and always gives her best.
While she is a little shy, she forms inseparable bonds with her friends. 

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Rafael Petzey

Despite being only 5 years old,
Rafael has a great sense of responsibility and loves to study. He works hard, is very intelligent, and applies himself to whatever task he faces.

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Robin Xinic

Robin is a very happy boy, although it is difficult for him to study, since he has some learning problems.His teacher is teaching him that he should pray when he feels a little frustrated and give thanks when he realizes each of his advances. He loves art and is a volunteer whenever it comes to acting a part in a play.