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Our kids


The lack of educational opportunities and inequalities in access, permanence and quality reproduce and amplify social and economic exclusion . Particularly indigenous women are at a total disadvantage, with the number of people who do not have complete primary education progressively increasing. This limits economic, political, social and human performance".

Help us change that narrative today by sponsoring a child's tuition. 

Even every small donation makes a big difference! 

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Rafael Petzey

Rafael is 9 years old, he is such a responsible boy with his homework. Because his parents didn't have the opportunity to finish 3rd grade they motivate him and want him to have a better future. Our school has made the effort to support him.  Consider helping him continue his education! 

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Glendy is a lovely young lady, a great classmate, she has attended our school since first grade and is now an 8th grader. Our goal of having her reach 9th grade in our school is near. Please consider helping us meet our goal! 

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Maicol is a child with great potential but without the necessary resources for his education. His father works very hard extracting stone and sand from a river. Help us change Maicol's life and that of his generations!

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Sara Ixtuc

Sara is a shy but very respectful young lady. This will be her last year at our school, as she is in 9th grade. She has been with us for 6 years. Help us to help her! 

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Deisy Mejía

Deisy is 10 years old and is the youngest of 6 siblings. They have all studied at our school, which has made us very happy. Her mother has never had the opportunity to go to school, but she has wanted the best for her children, so she has always made an effort so that they can attend. Help us continue to help!

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Ashly is in 9th grade, she has been in our school since kindergarten. Her mother can hardly believe that her daughter is about to graduate from our school.  We can do great things thanks to your sponsorship. Help us continue to support Ashly!

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