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Updated: Nov 6, 2023

The 2023 school year has come to an end in Guatemala and we thank God for allowing us to do it again!

This last year has meant a lot to us, like any small school, surviving is always a great challenge, but year after year God's grace has sustained us and nothing has stopped us, even COVID. However, in October 2022 we were finally forced to close our school because the building where we were located literally started to fall down.

For many years we had been looking for a better place to move, which had been more than impossible for different reasons, among them, that there are no buildings in our community that could be adapted for a school, the location, risks and the high rental costs that the owners ask for renting a property to use it as a school.

At the limit point of this situation, when we were already packing our things for a definitive closing, a miracle came and we were able to find the place that has allowed us a new beginning. This reaffirms to us that God is always in control and that he is the master of the times!

Without even imagining or planning it, the owner decided to sell us the property and miraculously all things fell into place for this negotiation, obviously it is not easy for us and we have a long way to go to cover the cost, but we are trusting that it was God who took us out of our previous building to give us this opportunity.

Now we ask you to help us to pray, donate and share with others this good news that has filled us with much joy.

You can make a donation through this website, or by contacting us to find the best way.

Blessed God, our greater mission of teaching the love of Christ to our children and youth in Guatemala continues!


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