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School year 2022 has ended to the glory of God!

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

The school year 2022 started with a lot of uncertainty in Guatemala, virtual classes were characteristic of practically half of the school year and hybrid classes for the rest of the year. Even so, our teachers strived to give the best attention to each student.

The challenge of making up for lost time, reincorporating students back into the classes in groups has been a bit complicated to date, but we still try to recover our enthusiastic and exploratory spirit. This is how we are working again in different activities among them

1. The cleaning of the environment by collecting bottles in the streets, in the students' houses and in the school itself, materials which are donated to a small group of indigenous women who prepare and sell them to obtain economic resources for their homes.

2. Talks by the National Council of Protected Areas, where the students learned about the ecological wealth of our communities and the planting of Tulle as a means of protecting and combating contamination of Lake Atitlan.

3. In conjunction with the Lago project, our students learned about topics such as the origin and evolution of money, virtual currency, mining, blockchain, different types of renewable energy, etc.

4. We visited for the first time after a few years the museum My past, my history where we were surprised to see the photograph of students and teachers of our school as a recognition for being pioneers in the formation and training on cultures of Guatemala.

5. We participated in the National Science Olympiad 35th edition where our student Mario de León obtained honorable mention in the Natural Sciences I test. The only one in the department of Sololá.


A big thank you to Jeff S. who volunteered to work with our elementary students teaching English. And to all our teachers in general.

Special thanks to Dr. Patrick Melder and his team including Bill Whittaker, Mel and Fabian, Ruben and our official translator Josue de Leon, for all the knowledge delivered to each of our young people.

A prayer with immense gratitude as always to our Lord Jesus Christ and God who supplies our needs and to each one of you that He knows by name who obey Him and who have generous hearts that not only believe but pray and support our mission so that together we can say: Centro Educativo Josué "Impacting lives, transforming generations".

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